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The Planograms have made such a difference – every single inch of the store is now working hard for us and we’ve been able to concentrate on the products we know our customers want. By stocking the Core Range, our sales are up in every category so we’re delighted.

Amy Tucker
Lifestyle Express

Planogram and Core Range

Maximise sales and profit per sq ft

A unique service

Core Range Advisors are unique to Lifestyle Express. With their help you can ensure your shelves are stocked with Best Selling products. Every month, one of our Core Range Advisors will visit your store and check if you’re stocking the Best Selling products, thereby helping you to maximise your sales and profits. At the end of each Store visit they will leave a ‘shopping list’ aimed at helping you on your next visit to your local Landmark Wholesale Depot.

The list highlights Core Range products across the Categories checked, which were not available in your Store on the day of the visit. After six visits they will have checked the entire Core Range. By using the ‘shopping list’ you can ensure you’re stocking exactly what your Customers want to buy and expect to find in your Store.


  • Effective merchandising is fundamental to driving sales and small changes in your Store can make a big difference in your till
  • In any Business, it is absolutely essential to focus on stocking the products that sell the best. This is the CORE RANGE and is featured inside our Retailer Best Sellers brochure
  • All our Core Range Advisors’ recommendations are based on proven sales data
  • Following our Planograms will ensure your Store not only looks attractive but also maximises sales and profit opportunities.

At a glance

  • Core Range Advisors
  • Industry leading Planograms
  • Best Sellers
  • Shopping Lists
  • Maximise sales and profit per sq ft


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