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We know that our customers are always looking for great value and our own brand delivers exactly that. Customers love the Lifestyle and Lifestyle Value ranges, as well as the cigarette and alcohol ranges and it gives me a great point of difference locally. And best of all, the margins are fantastic.

Dal Singh
Lifestyle Express

Own Brand Ranges

Great Value Everyday

It’s a fact…

Shoppers expect Own Brand ranges in their local Store, to rival the supermarket Own Brands. Shoppers want quality AND value, so it is important that you stock Own Brand and Value Own Brand, alongside the big Branded ranges. Own Brand also gives your Business fatter profit margins.

  • Lifestyle: Lifestyle Own Brand guarantees a minimum 30% POR across the entire range. Lifestyle Own Brand will build shopper loyalty by offering a quality, low price alternatives to the major Brands. All products offer shoppers ‘Great Value Everyday’.


  • Lifestyle Value: Lifestyle Value is Landmark Wholesale’s price marked, economy range of everyday Groceries which gives you great POR and guaranteed lowest market RSP’s.


  • LSV: LSV is exclusive to Independent Retailers and is now the biggest Sport and Energy Drinks range, outselling all the major Brands in Landmark Wholesale. The range of 17 products sells at less than half the price of the leading Brands and gives you up to 50% POR.


  • Prince Consort Spirits: Our Prince Consort Spirits range includes Whisky, Gin, Vodka, Brandy, White Rum and Dark Rum, all offering top Brand quality at competitive prices for your local shoppers.


  • Vintners Collection Wines: This is your complete value wine range and has won many Awards. Wines can be confusing to choose and that’s why we have done the hard work for you. Vintners Collection brings all the trusted favourites, like Merlot, as well as popular new varieties like Pinot Grigio, all under one delicious label. All of our wines come from the most popular vineyards of Italy, California, South Africa, Australia and Chile and offer great value price points. The Vintners Collection comes in full size 75cl bottles and a selection in single serve 18.7cl bottles.


  • Ciders: White Storm White Cider, Eridge Vale Amber Cider and Black Storm Finest Strong Cider are available in a mix of the popular plastic bottles and can formats. Look out for our newest Cider, Amber Strong, available in cans. The Range of ciders offer Branded quality, at a price your local Customers will really appreciate.


  • No3: No3 is a well-established, trusted range of Great Value cigarettes.

    (For Tobacco Retailers only)


At a glance

  • Fascia matching Own Brand and Value Own Brand
  • Same choice as the supermarkets
  • Increased margin
  • Choice and quality
  • Full range
  • Price fighters


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